Jail Release Options

Options for Release from Jail in Bell Gardens

Many people don’t realize there are many options available to get out of jail once you have been arrested. At Bell Gardens Bail Bonds we can discuss each option with you or your loved one and find what’s best for you.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are the most common and obvious way to get out of jail. Basically, you are entering into an agreement with a bail bondsman which is usually organized by a loved one. When you go into this agreement, you are saying you will be at every court date. If the defendant skips bail, the agency will then find the defendant and bring them back to court to get the bail money back.

Own Recognizance

This is when you are released without bail or any other payment. The judge will do this if they feel you can be trusted to show up at all your court dates.

Cash Bail

The full amount of bail can be paid using cash or a cashier’s check. This is a way to get out without having to go to a bail bonds agency. Many people don’t choose this option simply because bail is set higher than what they can afford.

Citation Release

If the violation is minor a judge may decide to simply give them written charges and court appearance information. After this, they will be released.

Property Bond

This option is generally only used when bail is set very high. In this type of bond the defendant or a loved one uses their property as bond. The property must be worth 150% of the bail amount and is appraised to make sure. A lien is then put on the property. If the agreement is not honored, then the property will be foreclosed upon.

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