Following Arrest

The Process Following an Arrest n Bell Gardens, CA

After an arrest, you may be wondering what’s next. After you are arrested, you are taken to a station or jail to be booked and processed. This could take several hours if it is busy.

During this time, all of your items will be held, and you will not have access to them. You will also be searched for weapons, drugs, and contraband.

During booking you will be fingerprinted, have a background and warrant check, and your information will be put into the computer system. Once this process is complete, bail can be organized.

If you are the loved one that receives the call from jail for help:

  • Get all the information about where they are, what the charges are, and where they were arrested.
  • Ask them if you need to care for pets or let an employer know they won’t be coming into work.
  • If you are dealing with the bail bonds company, find out who they want to use.

You can always call Bell Gardens Bail Bonds for help at 323-450-2385, or contact us online.